3 Alarming Signs You Need to Get Pool Repairs

Owning a swimming pool on your property can be a great thing, especially when you just want to have a chill night with some friends and loved ones. However, maintaining this can be quite tedious. When you don’t clean and tend to your swimming area regularly, you might need pool repairs in the future. If you have been neglecting this area for quite some time, here are three alarming signs you need to pay attention to:

Peeling Plaster

Pools that are often wrapped with plaster appear to look good. However, these tend to warp and peel over time. This often happens when the cleansing agents and chemicals react to the type of plaster, leading in to erode over time. When you notice some peeling or flaking in some areas, don’t hesitate to call your contractor right away. They can help assess the damage and repair these immediately.

Structural Cracks

Cracks in your swimming area are not only unsightly, these also pose hazards to users and guests. These cracks can be products of pools drained and left in the sun for a long time. These can also be seen when pools undergo significant wear and tear or because of extreme weather conditions.

Whilst you may be tempted to simply replaster these cracks, these can resurface in some other time. To help assess the extent of these structural damages, consult a professional. They can shed insight into rebuilding portions of your swimming area.

Murky Water

If you notice that your swimming pool is always cloudy or dirty despite having it treated on a regular basis, you may need to have this inspected. This indicates that your pipes are having problems filtering debris or that something is blocking the pipes. To get to the root of the problem, consult with experts immediately.

If you’ve already seen any of these signs, you may need the help of professionals. Pool Leak Services is a company who can help you troubleshoot these issues. They provide pool repairs and maintenance services designed to treat all your problems. Visit their website for more information.