Beyond Accountants: Understanding How Much You’re Really Earning

For small businesses, the need to hire accountants is an important lifeblood. Even then, you need to have an understanding of how healthy your business is even outside the views of your bookkeeper. You need to review the numbers that you get in the different areas of your business, as most successful companies always make sure they can explain things by the numbers.

  • Review

To know how much goes in and out of your cash flow, you need to review first the areas that you are working on a per-account basis. This means that each separate client that you are doing the work for should have charts that track and list down all your profits and expenses that is involved with them.

When you do this, you make it easy to find where are the weak spots in your business, what accounts are becoming a financial drain for you and what areas of your businesses are more profitable. If you can, create separate subcategories for each of the accounts and specify which areas are useful to you.

  • Automate

The next best thing to do is to automate your entire business through profits and expense tracking. Accountants tend to use software that makes supporting you easier. Accounting software needs to be able to allow you to connect your financial activities, like bank and credit card expenses, to help you automatically get flow information.

The issue that most people tend to overlook is that manually adding each transaction at the end of the month can create several errors. Not only is it time-consuming but it hampers your ability to see how money flows around you visibly until after you finish the data input.

This is where accrual accounting style comes in. If you’re trying to understand how the money goes in and out of your business, put your back into it through the use of accrual accounting, which jots down every expense and every profit that goes in your business at the time that it’s received.

This style gives you a real-time ability to understand and post cash inflows and outflows as it helps you understand when the expense was incurred, rather than when the money was used. Accountants can help you in trying to understand this aspect of your business and it’s best to check with them if there are unclear areas you’re looking at. Visit to view their full services.