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Web Design Hacks You Should Know

When web design is good, nobody really notices – and that’s the point. Your users should be able to use your website intuitively, without having to fumble around complicated buttons and directives. But when it’s bad, you’ll instantly see it in your site stats. If you’ve ever wondered why your website isn’t getting as much traction as you were expecting, this might be the culprit.

Stanford University’s Guidelines for Web Credibility said page layout influences user satisfaction in both your site and your brand. Doing things well will help your business more than you think. To put it simply, there are just things that work, and a lot of things that don’t. Here are a few examples:

  • Don’t Change Links

A lot of people try to make their sites unique by changing their hyperlinks to black from their usual underlined blue. This is a huge mistake. A recent study by Chaperro, Shaikh and Baker said even though there’s a more visual contrast when links are black, people instinctively know that blue means hyperlink. Thus, users click these more often.

There’s another trend in web design where hyperlinks are turned into icons. This is great if it blends in with the rest of the page, or if you’re trying to make the visuals on your landing page more appealing. However, this is not true for any other scenario. One study by Van Schaik and Ling revealed that text links load faster and people are more likely to click them.

  • Content is King

It’s a general rule nowadays to keep the text short. Articles are optimised for easy readability. Surprisingly, studies show that while the popular ’95 characters per line’ rule reads faster than others, readers don’t understand this format better. It neither increases comprehension, preference or satisfaction.

All this means is that content is still king. Invest in good quality content and the readers will come. Whilst good web design helps, there’s no substitute for informative, well-researched content, regardless of format. If you want to know more about how you can improve your Sunshine Coast web design, consult Black Sheep Creative today.


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Should You Hire a WordPress Web Developer for Your Website?

Of all the platforms available today, the one used by a WordPress web developer is considered a simple tool for building a working website in a few minutes.

Originally a blogging medium, it is easy to install and personalise so that it will meet your conditions. When it is utilised in a strategic manner, you will have found a secret weapon that will play a vital part in the overall growth of your business and online marketing efficiency.

This platform has proven many times that websites created on it would turn out to be efficient and interesting marketing instruments. Even websites that are made out of templates with this medium would allow corporations of various sizes to mark their territory on the Internet by letting them show off their services and products through images, content and other variables.

Should you hire an expert in this medium to work on your site? Here are the benefits of doing so:

  • Comprehensive

Professionals who are versed in this medium like to work with it because it provides comprehensive content management instruments. This open-source platform (it means that the computer program can be freely modified by anyone to suit their particular needs) is a breeze to install, downloads updates on its own, and even provides a collection of plug-ins for efficient database management.

  • User-Friendly

The medium is easy to use and install. It comes with a set of instructions you simply have to follow, and you are just a few steps away from creating a functional site. If you are using the template designs, all you have to do is provide the platform with general information then the process will be complete.

  • Cost-Efficient

With a professional developer, you don’t need to hire other people since administrators will have an easy time updating and managing the site. This is because the platform is simple and user-friendly.

Need more information? Contact the reliable WordPress web developer today!

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Reputable Signage Company Must Do

To make their businesses more visible and pleasant to the eyes of their customers, entrepreneurs should hire the services of Adelaide signage company. Without having the appropriate signs, customers will get confused and might even be discouraged from engaging in businesses with companies.

But to get the best business signs, companies must make sure all their signs are produced by professionals. Producing signage can be a very costly. You don’t want your money to go down the drain just because of mistakes in designing and producing them. You need to hire professional signwriters that follow the following steps:

  • Ask the purpose of your signage – Signage has many uses, depending on the needs of companies or groups. Some use them merely to describe their business or organisation, whilst others post them for advocacy. A reputable company should know why you want to produce these marketing materials.
  • Help you come up with a theme – Defining a specific theme can help them come up with a colour scheme, typography and other design elements that will make your signs more noticeable.
  • Allow you to pick powerful images for the signs – The signage company you are hiring should have a bank of quality photos that can reflect the concept and theme of your signage. They also make sure that they source the photos from professional photographers.
  • Write catchy and memorable copy – Sometimes, you need to install signs with catchy text. Professional signwriters must give you different samples (sometimes called studies) of copy or taglines for you to choose from.
  • Create rough sketches – Before designing your signs on the computer, they should provide you with a sketch or a mock-up of the design to help you visualise what they want to produce. Some professionals even give their clients different sketches.

Hiring a signage company can be challenging. You need to be sure that you are hiring people with creative minds and strong people skills to make sure you get the signs that meet your requirements.

Business Marketing

The Importance of Business Signs

In order for your venture to be competitive, you must build it on excellent products and services, great customer support and continuous advertising through the use of business signs. There are many kinds of designs to choose from such as neon, LED and A-frame. All of these are meant to attract buyers and help you to be ahead of your competitors. Here are some of the reasons why it is very important to have them:

  • Lure

It is your goal to lure in as much as new customers into your business each day. You can do that by installing signage. By making the signage as interesting as possible, you can successfully lure buyers to catch the bait and get inside your store.

  • Inform

Buyers want information. They do not like to guess what you have that will excite them. For example, you can use the sign to describe a product that you sell so their questions are answered immediately just by reading the contents. It saves them time looking and asking assistance from one of your clerks in the store. In addition, the business signs can be used as a directional sign which buyers love so they can easily find their way inside the store.

  • Intrigue

A sign that is intriguing is very attractive to buyers. By intriguing, it means that the buyers are directed to discover new products or items that you’ve got in your store. The intriguing business sign should be fun and creative as this is meant to arouse their interest. The idea is to make them stay longer inside your store.

  • Avoid Discrimination

Your signage must hold onto the Australian standards like signs for the entryway and parking space for persons with disabilities, signs for the toilets and Braille information signs for the visually-impaired customers. By doing so, you are welcoming everyone in your store.

Are you interested to have one? Contact the reliable service of business signs Melbourne today.

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Use Promotional Flags to Increase Sales

Promoting your business is a never-ending process. You must continuously educate your target audience about your brand and how your products or your services can help them. However, some people neglect to focus on their marketing thinking it will cost them. Whilst, in fact, marketing does not have to be expensive to be effective thanks to promotional flags. Let’s take a look at some of its benefits:

1) The promotional flags are attention catchers. People will be drawn and cannot help but look at your business’ logo. They will be interested in your products and before you knew it, you already have a long list of potential customers. Don’t forget to use these in your events and promotions.

2) It is very affordable. Even those who are still in starting in the business can afford these. There is no need to shell out a lot of money for marketing which is normally expensive. Just make sure that you will consider the flags’ materials and not just the rate alone.

3) It is customizable. Whatever size you like, and whatever shape and colour you prefer, all these are possible to market your business; just use your imagination and make sure that the design is coherent to your message. Moreover, the colour is not harsh on the eyes and the font is easy to understand.

4) It can be transferred from one place to another. Since it is lightweight and movable, more people can see it and have knowledge about your business. It can also be used in cars or another vehicle which is advantageous for its mobility.

Having said its benefits, you can now enjoy the perks of having flags in promoting your business. When it comes to promotional flags supplier, Real Estate Flags & Banners services is you need. They have attractive products, durable and long-lasting; we will make sure that our flags will help you reach customers and will return your investment in no time.

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Why Use HD Time Lapse Camera in Your Marketing Efforts

People are becoming interested in HD time lapse cameras. It’s starting to be known as a useful tool to create marketing content such as videos and photos. In fact, video marketing campaign is the most common reason why people consider having this.

If you want to purchase your own but are in doubt, we listed the reasons why buying this camera is your best choice.

High-Quality Videos Boost Sales and Conversions

Aside from videos that can make your website appealing, this can also make you some serious money. In fact, according to the survey conducted by Treepodia, 74 percent of users who watched a video bought the company’s product and seek their services. Moreover, they found out that your page conversions can increase by up to 80%. Aside from optimising your website, make sure that you add videos as well.


The main reason why you have a website aside from reaching a wider audience is to build a relationship with your customers. By having a website and putting videos, you can build trust and relationship. Many people are because your clients will appreciate the information that you are providing them.

With this, they will likely support your brand and even recommend this to their other friends. In fact, according to a survey conducted by the E-tailing Group, consumers say that videos give them more confidence to purchase from a company.

Search Engine Ranking

When you have videos on your site, visitors will stay longer. If many people are going to your platform and waiting on it, your search engine ranking will increase. This way, more people will see you and purchase from your company. That’s why it is important that you put high-quality videos and use HD time lapse camera.

If you are looking for a firm that can provide high-quality and affordable HD time lapse camera, go to Relive It website.