Essential Catering Equipment For Business Use

There are many types of catering equipment. If you don’t know which ones you need for your business, look at this short list:

  • Bain Marie

This item acts as a utensil and a cooking method. It’s even available in different sizes. It can retain the warmth of food for a long duration while gently heating materials simultaneously.

  • Commercial oven ranges

You can choose either the gas or electric version. It comes handy for cooking and baking cakes on a large scale, which is usually needed when servicing events.

  • Conveyor toaster

It’s light yet you can use it to toast huge amounts of sliced bread. Perfect if you are catering around 400 or more heads.

  • Commercial contact grills

A catering equipment that is easy to use and clean. This is best used if you want to cook food without the need of turning it over, thus sandwiching the food. This is ideal to use when you want to maintain the natural juices of the food. When you use it, you can look forward to eating juicy meat.

  • Commercial deep fryers

This will allow you to deep fry items at a huge quantity. The latest models come with a basket that will allow oil to drain and a timer that can allow you to know the amount of time you’ll fry it.

  • Heated cupboards

This is your way of keeping the plates warm and free from germs.

  • Salamander grills

Same as with the oven as the only difference is it doesn’t have a front door. The heating element of this catering equipment is on top. Most of the time it is wall mounted, thus giving you more space in the kitchen.

  • Griddle

It comes both in electric and gas versions. It’s an appliance that’s best for cooking vegetables and meat.

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