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Affordable Boutique Resorts Fiji

You may not have heard of boutique resorts Fiji yet but this place is a paradise away from home. If you’re seeking for an adventure and at the same time, relax, this is the perfect destination to visit.

Fiji is known for their exotic and untouched beaches spread all throughout the famous island. If you are about to go on a vacation, you can escape in this laid-back country.

Here are the most popular boutique resorts Fiji:

1. Mana Island Resort

This is the absolute paradise to check when you’re in the country. It is recommended by most travellers because of the cheap services. Tag along your friends and family to get even bigger discounts.

2. Coconut Grove Beachfront Cottages

If you are looking for a peaceful and more private resort, this is the best place to get. It has only three huts made of straw and wood so it’s slightly pricey than the rest. You can plan the honeymoon here for a more romantic feel.

3. Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort & Spa

Rated 5-star by experienced travellers, this resort has a lot to offer. They have free parking, Wi-fi, breakfast buffet and more. With an overnight stay fee, you can already experience an extravagant vacation you’ve been longing.

4. Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

You can find this resort in the second largest island of Fiji, the Savusavu that is on the south coast part of Vanua Levu. This is a family oriented place and they focus on preserving the nature. Here you can take part of a number of water activities such as kayaking, scuba diving and more.

Once in a while, it’s nice to visit a different place to relax and enjoy life. If you’re planning a vacation trip, don’t forget to check out boutique resorts in Fiji for an affordable nature experience. They offer land and water packages perfect for couples, families and larger groups. Visit their website to find out more.

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History of Subic Bay: How It Became a Freeport

The history of Subic Bay is as rich and colourful as its wonderful beaches and forests. This enclave located in the city of Olongapo in the heart of Central Luzon is a key site where various historical events in the Philippines take place. From the time of Spanish and American rule, up to the present Philippine Republic, this place is always mentioned in the country’s history books.

From 1992, Subic became a freeport and a special economic zone that has since become an industrial, financial, commercial and investment hub. It has been a source of employment opportunities in and around the zone as well as a major destination for local and foreign tourists.

Spanish and American rule

The history Subic Bay starts when the Spaniards discovered its naturally deep waters and strategic positioning in 1885 that prompted the foreign invaders to develop it into a harbour and then a naval fortress. After Spain surrendered to the United States, the Americans turned it into a repair and supply depot for the US Navy and, afterwards, a military base because of its strategic location.

The US troops were active in preserving the natural beauty of the place even after the liberation of the Philippines from the American rule in 1945.


It was only when the Philippine Senate rejected the renewal of the lease of the base that the Americans turned over the governance of the bay to the Philippine government in 1992. This was a critical moment in the history Subic Bay. The Philippines later converted the place into a special economic zone and handed over the administration of the place to the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA).

Since then, Subic has become a major contributor in the development of the Philippine economy. Many investors have been flocking the site to profit from the economic opportunities in the area. And with the present administration’s commitment to further boost business activities in major economic zones to decongest Manila, the country’s capital, the history of Subic Bay is poised to flourish further.