Differences Between Residential and Commercial Electricians

For huge business establishments and industrial facilities, you need to hire only the best electricians for your wiring. In any business properties, you need to make sure you have a professional whom you can call anytime to address your wiring needs.

Short circuits and damages in electrical cables in outlets and machines are common. Hence, to avoid delays in production and service, you need to find competent electricians who are always on-call, ready to address your specific needs.

Residential vs. Commercial Electricians

For business owners, be sure to contact commercial electricians and not its residential counterpart. Whilst there are much qualified and trusted residential electricians for your home, you still need the specialisation and experience of a commercial counterpart in handling huge cables in small businesses and factories. According to experts, you need to hire only commercial electricians for offices and big factories that operate industrial equipment. Why so? Here are the reasons:

Different wiring types – Wires for residential properties are covered by sheath insulation that protects residents from electrocution. Most lighting fixtures and home appliances operate are single-phase design that is supplied with 120-Volt electricity. Some appliances that demand more power, such as air-conditioning units, refrigerators and washers, use a two-phase circuit of 240 Volts. Moreover, the wires in your homes are often hidden within walls and ceilings.

On the other hand, commercial wirings often use the three-phase design for huge machines. In this design, you have two legs of running 120 volts each and one larger leg running 208 volts. This model is designed to allow less workload to each wire for efficiency and safety purposes.

Different kinds of appliances – Moreover, home appliances often need less electricity than gigantic machines in industrial plants. These machines have different circuitry that requires specialists for each.

Whilst there are some gifted professionals who are able to master both residential and commercial wiring, you still need to pick certified and experienced commercial electricians that can assure that your business is up and running anytime.