Empathetic, Creative and Growth-Oriented Digital Marketing

Nowadays, your business needs to keep updated with the latest trends, especially in marketing your products and service. Whether you have just established your first startup or is currently a CEO or CMO of a leading multinational corporation, you need to keep your marketing strategies ahead of the competition.

Digital Marketing

As the entire society is shifting to digital, you need to capitalise on the wealth of opportunities digital marketing brings. With the invention of the latest, more powerful websites and mobile apps, your business, products and services can be accessed all over the world (and even the universe). With just a few touches of keys and buttons, your products can be accessed by customers all over the world. Within seconds, your customers can order your products.

Business has never been this easier…and more challenging!

With the great potential for brand visibility and faster transaction, comes great responsibility for marketers. As more and more of your competitors are engaging in digital marketing, your business is confronted with greater trials. Aside from producing top-notch brands, you should now make your brand more appealing and attractive online than your competition by coming up with catchy content, campaigns and other marketing promotions DAILY.

Yes, to avoid being left behind by your rivals, you need to come up with innovative (and sometimes, outrageous) concepts and ideas that aces your competition.

And, you can only get them from super-creative minds that understand exactly what your business needs.

This is where Blog Interviewer comes in.

We are a team of experienced bloggers, digital marketers and SEO specialists who do business with open ears and hearts, ready to listen and understand your needs in this new battlefield called digital marketing.

For digital marketing, we offer:

  • Content writing
  • Graphic design
  • Social media marketing
  • Analytics

More than creativity and passion, we believe that the best marketing strategies have three important components: empathy, creativity and growth mindset.


We believe that any campaign is useless if it is not conceptualised, enforced and evaluated by empathetic people. More than the latest, most sophisticated tools, you need to connect to people through their hearts and brains. After all, the entire field of marketing hinges on motivating people’s emotions. To do this, we see to it that we interview our customers with an empathetic heart and an open mind.


With the inputs that we’ve gathered from our interview, we then find creative and innovative ways to solve their problems. We keep our creative juices flowing through regular brainstorming and crowdsourcing activities with our team to brew, blend, and serve the hottest solutions for your digital marketing needs.

Growth mindset

Once we conceptualise and enforce our solutions, we will constantly monitor the progress of your campaign. In this highly competitive market, we need continuous development. We believe that the best way to develop is to learn intensively from our mistakes, no matter how small it is. From these learnings, we come up with better, more fine-tuned campaigns to our customers.

With Blog Interviewer, you are working with a company with an understanding and passionate heart and an open mind with a growth mindset that is ready to solve your digital marketing problems.