How to Distinguish a Quality Solar Panel

Solar panels provide energy especially if there’s no other source of electricity coming from natural resources. They are best installed at home. These are placed on the rooftops, where direct sunlight reaches the panels.


To fully receive the benefits of the sun’s energy, the panels that you’ve purchased should match the area of your home. A lot of important factors come into play, such as which part of the roof is normally facing the sun, and so forth. A size too small or large will have various impacts in generating sunlight.

The panel installation company that you hired must know how to assess the roof space and orientation of your home and check whether you would be needing a grid-connected or an off-grid type. Both have different effects on the amount of electricity that you’ll generate.

Has a Warranty

Normally these have more than a decade’s worth of warranty. Having a warranty especially if you’re using the panels for business means that it’s still covered by the company if there’s going to be a problem in the installation processes as well as whilst you’re utilising it.

When failure happens, the company should be able to send you a replacement to cover the previous malfunctioning panel.


If you’re able to store the energy in a battery system, you don’t have to solely rely on the sun to provide energy for you. A cell enables you to charge in the evening so you can use it again in daylight the next day. You need to retain some charge in the cell so as not to drain it easily.

CEC Accredited

The Clean Energy Council of Australia (CEC) grants accreditation to trusted solar panel suppliers to ensure that the users will have quality and secure panels. Through this, flash hazards, electric shocks, and burns that cause injuries are prevented.

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