Electrical Contractors: Tubular LEDs or LED Troffers?

Troffers are a widely used lighting fixture in many offices. Known as the square lights used for office settings, they are a predominantly linear fluorescent. LEDs have become the go-to lighting of electrical contractors around the world due to the savings that they give, giving more than 70% savings compared to fluorescents.

But should you really replace or simply retrofit these troffers? Should you use a tubular LED lamp or use LED troffers for your lighting needs?

Tubular LED

Tubular LED or TLED lamps are made to replace the tubular fluorescent lights that you have been using in your home. Like any LED product, they are low-cost and work wonders with the nice bluish illumination that they give to a room.

If you need to fulfil a retrofitting job, a TLED retrofit kit can help electrical contractors install the entire thing in one package, complete with the electrical components to make it work without a hitch. This is due to the T8 designation of many installations, together with the bi-pin connection that allows the light lamp to connect to the holders.

Whilst this installation is preferred by many contractors due to its relative cost-effectiveness, there are some problems that customers tend to experience when it comes to the operation of the product. Because LEDs are mostly directional, their lumens per watt decrease once you add them to the setup or luminaire.

Once you add them bare and add the luminaire, TLEDs lose up to 10% of their lumens per watt. Whilst this sounds like nothing, it can bug some people who are a stickler for brightness.

LED Troffers

LED troffers are a single combination installation. It’s basically a square light fixture that contains all the components and just needs to be added to an electrical connection. This is a very straightforward addition to your office. All you need is to remove the old troffers, add the new ones, connect to power and you’re done.

Obviously, they tend to be more expensive and have lower lumens per watt compared to bare TLEDs. However, your electrical contractors would know that when the TLED is installed into a luminaire set up, the LED troffer’s LPW can be higher by around 10 to 15 lumens.

TLED vs. LED Troffers

Which one should you choose? It depends on if you care enough for the brightness or if you want to save some extra money on the lighting. They both provide the 70% savings from fluorescent lamps.

So if you need a professionals opinion, don’t hesitate to contact electrical contractors Brisbane!