Financial Advice : What You Need to Know

Hong Kong is known to be a great place to build personal wealth with its low salary tax and reasonable expat package. Whichever type of financial planning you are about to choose, seeking financial advice in Hong Kong is a great idea.

Why is it important?

The decisions you made today can greatly affect your future. Working with a reputable planner who gives genuine interest in improving your financial situation plays a huge role in the life you are about to build.

When is the time to hire an advisor?

There’s no perfect time to seek the help of an expert. If you would want to manage your wealth properly and have an avenue for larger profit, then start early. Don’t wait for years until you decide to call an advisor.

How to choose the right professional?

The best thing you can do is to ask for referrals from your family, friends or trusted colleagues who seem to handle their finances efficiently. Proper advice from an experienced professional can help you save and handle your finances and investments better.

Things you might want to consider:

  • Experts should know all essential factors such as your goal and objectives, financial situation and your risk tolerance before making any recommendations and strategies for you.
  • They must provide proper explanations of why a specific strategy is suitable for your lifestyle. In addition, financial advisors should ensure that you understand all the decisions you are about to make. This way, you can see the risks of your action.

Why choose Pyrmont Wealth Management?

The company consists of a team of professional and qualified financial advisors who collectively have decades of advising experience in providing independent fee-based financial advice in Hong Kong and gives active support across the UK, mainland Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia.