Health Benefits of Hypnosis Supported by Science

Hypnosis has become popular right now. More and more videos have been uploaded on YouTube on how to calm your mind through hypnotherapy using calming voices and mind-boosting music. Thanks to technology, hypnosis is now becoming relaxation and mind-boosting tool despite its supernatural connotations.

But whilst most of us dismiss this ‘mind controlling’ method as mystical that is only fit for scam artists and sorcerers, research and other professional studies are now proving the efficacy of hypnosis through science. Here are some its health benefits:

Improve sleep – Sleep deprivation is currently a major public health issue in Australia. According to Sleep Health Foundation, up to 45% of Australians have poor sleep patterns. This unhealthy shut-eye habit can result in irritability, tiredness and other issues that reduce productivity. Some studies even link sleep deprivation and other slumber issues to stress, hypertension, heart problems and other serious health problems. A study by Swiss researchers found out that a people listening to hypnotic suggestion tape spent more time in the deep phase of sleep.

Can calm tensed nerves – People suffering from anxiety and fears can benefit from hypnosis. In one study, anxiety levels of patients that are about to undergo surgery and scans decreased after receiving hypnosis. Nevertheless, scientists are still in the process of determining whether this ‘mind-control’ technique can calm general anxiety disorder and treat depression.

Can ease pain – Psychologists who use hypnotherapy to patients with arthritis, fibromyalgia and even cancer reported a significant reduction in pain.

Can help in weight reduction – Overeating is often triggered by psychological factors. Using hypnotherapy, obese and overweight people can reduce their appetite to mindless eating.

Manage grief – Losing a loved one is a painful experience. Many people have a hard time coping their grief, leading them to anxiety, depression and insomnia. Apart from calming the mind, hypnotherapy can also be used in providing suggestions to help relieve the pain and suffering of people undergoing bereavement.

Once a taboo in medical science, hypnosis is now acknowledged as a tool to help cure various medical issues affecting millions of people.