Ideas for Unique Wedding Venues

Going for a typical or usual wedding? Why not try unique wedding venues instead? There are several ideas to choose from that can make the occasion extra exciting and memorable.

Marry her in midair – Schedule your wedding date when there is a balloon fiesta. Coordinate with the organizers and ask if you can possibly share your vows while on balloon baskets. Hitching on the balloon can be an awesome experience because you get to see the sky while you share vows with each other. Ask how many people can ride the balloon, so you would know the people who will join you up there.

On the bridge – Holding this big event in the middle of a bridge can definitely catch the attention of guests. You have to make sure that you seek necessary permits as you are holding the event in a public place. Do not let enforcers stop you and be the reason for delaying your wedding. Follow the protocol and do everything right to fully enjoy the event.

Do it in a cave – Celebrate your nuptial with stalactites, that is an instant decoration for your wedding. Not something convenient but another exciting way to celebrate this most awaited event. Make sure that there is enough lighting during the event. Ask your coordinator if they can work on this type of weddings, as not everyone can accommodate this request.

In a car museum – Car enthusiasts, this is your chance to marry your loved one together with your first love. Preparation can be a lot easier to do as the car itself can work as decorations. Need a bridal car? Choose from the hundreds of cars available.

Do it on a track – Ready, get set, run! Athletic couples can surely turn the track to sweetness overload. This is something different and can definitely give your guests something to look forward to. Plus, who wouldn’t want to witness such a unique and romantic setup?

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