Lip Injection Facts

Planning to get a lip injection? For first-timers, check out the following facts and information to know what you need to expect:

  • The price depends on your requests

Price ranges due to different factors like the clinic, doctor, the overall procedure etc. If you want to get the best rate, then ask for a quote and compare prices. The more requests and adjustments you make, the heftier the cost can be. You can also ask the doctor if they recommend a specific treatment for your case to get a great result.


  • The result is almost instant

You can already see the result in an instant. Yes, it may swell, that is normal, but you can definitely see improvement on the lips. After almost 24 hours, the lips should be tight and the swelling should be reduced. In most cases, doctors require a full rest for two weeks.

  • There is almost no downtime

Contrary to the beliefs of other people, having lip injection has no downtime. Twenty minutes after the procedure, you can already eat your favourite food. The numbing can be gone in a few minutes to one hour, depending on the degree of the procedure. Doctors recommend avoiding this procedure when you’re about to attend important events like weddings and other parties. This is because the bruises can be slightly visible for a few days.

  • Do not exercise a day before the procedure

Any activities that will increase the blood flow on your face, like facial, getting a massage or exercise should be avoided. This is not recommended a day before the actual procedure to avoid severe bleeding.

  • No need to go all out

You have the option of focusing areas on your lips, a bottom part of the middle. You can just ask the doctor to enhance a specific area and not go all out on the treatment. Also note that ten days before the procedure, painkillers, vitamin E and fish oil, should be avoided because it causes bleeding.