Creative Ways to Make Promotional Mugs Exciting

Promotional mugs are some of the most used items to give guests. In fact, it might just be a little too overused. However, because of its versatility, many companies are still choosing these items to be included in their roster to be given to clients. But, in order to set yourself apart from other competitors here are creative ways to help you out:

Promotional Mug

Print Your Logo

The most basic thing you can do to help you become remembered by your client is to have your logo printed on the very front. This way, clients can remember who you are and what you do for them. But if you want a subtler approach, consider using their names as well. Doing so can make them be aware of who the gift is for. This personalised item will surely come a great way in making them feel loved and appreciated.

Photobooth Pictures

Since photobooths are very popular during events, why not have their photos printed on their mugs as well? Besides helping take a memorable souvenir, this encourages them to use their mug more.

Design Your Own

Events and conferences can be strict and boring. To relieve some stress and tension during these events, why not urge them to design their own mugs? This way, they can release their frustration and channel these into another outlet.

Add Value

To make your promotional items better received, consider adding some value to it. Since simply giving a mug can be pretty boring, why not think about who your recipients are and what they might need. Put something inside to give an element of surprise. Whilst you’re at it, opt for unique packaging and presentation to make it appear nice for the receiver.

Mugs can be used to your advantage in different ways. Need assistance in customising your giveaways? JP Promotions is here to help. They provide quality promotional mugs, designed to impress your clients.