Probate Lawyers and What They Do

Probate lawyers are state-licensed lawyers who, through years of continuing legal education, experience and mentoring, understand how to advise a personal representative. These professionals are also called or known as executors. They offer estate advice on how to settle or handle final affairs of a deceased individual, which is commonly called as a decedent.

How Probate Lawyers Assist and Advise a Personal Representative

When probate lawyers represent a personal representative of an estate, they will assist and advise the following:

  • Securing and locating both non-probate and probate assets
  • Obtaining date of death values including appraisals of all the decedent’s property
  • Filing and preparing all the required documents by the probate court in a manner that is timely and before deadlines
  • Collecting the proceeds of the deceased life insurance
  • Making right elections regarding retirement plans
  • Conducting studies and providing proper advice to the decedent’s outstanding debts and final bills
  • Keeping track of all estate checking account
  • Determining if there are any inheritance taxes and/or estate taxes that are due at the state and federal levels and if so, determining where to get the cash to pay the taxes
  • Addressing all income tax issues
  • Settling or fixing disputes on the beneficiaries and personal representatives
  • Assisting on working on it in case estate property is on sale
  • Seeking permission from court, for different actions in accordance with the state laws
  • Working on retitling the real estate from the deceased to the beneficiaries in case the estate is not been sold successfully
  • Distributing what is left of the deceased assets after all the taxes and bills are filed

These are just some of the duties of probate lawyers. If you ever need one professional to help you out with your case, do not hesitate to call probate lawyers in Perth. Our seasoned lawyers are available to make your load easier and lighter.