Proper Ways to Dispose of Garden Waste

Whilst they are considered refuse materials, garden waste can be used in many ways that are beneficial to your garden, home and environment. Debris like fallen branches, twigs, leaves is often littered in your yard and landscaping. If not thrown properly, they can cause problems such as dirty and messy landscaping as well as pest infestation.

Once the debris decomposes, they can also lead to foul odour and health problems, especially for people with respiratory issues. It is then important to find ways to dispose of this type of refuse material to avoid health and sanitary issues in your home.

There are many ways to get rid of garden waste:

Local waste maintenance

The local government in your area often provide waste management services especially for refuse materials in your garden. This type of refuse materials constitutes a huge part of waste in your home. Thus, most waste management personnel are trained on what to do to the fallen leaves, twigs or branches. Just make sure to keep them secured to avoid spreading them again.

Reuse and recycle

There are many ways to reuse or recycle refuse materials from your plants. One of them is turning nature’s debris into compost material. This method is the eco-friendliest way to nourish the soil for proper nourishing of your plants. Just make sure you are doing the composting method properly for best results.

Using dried twigs and branches for lighting barbeques and for roasting is another way to reuse them. Dry them under the sun for days. Once they are completely dried, you can turn them into firewood.

If you are artistic and creative person, you can also use them as materials for crafts and other creations. You can use tree trunks and branches as décors at home and your patio or deck. With a creative mind, possibilities are endless.

Garden waste can bring diseases and other problems on sanitation in your home if not properly thrown away. Consult gardening and landscaping experts to give ideas on proper disposal of this green waste materials.