3 Signs That Show You Need Shower Repair

Bathrooms are essential to our everyday lives. It must be maintained at all times with the same way as our bodies to avoid sickness and disease. It’s the place where we get clean, so it should be at its top shape. It’s hard to take a bath in a dirty and dysfunctional shower room. Instead of feeling clean, you might feel dirtier than before you showered. It’s also important to keep your bath clean. It’s not just for cleansing the body, it’s also for cleansing the mind. A good bathroom has a functional water system and well-installed floor and wall tiles. But there will come a time that some of its fixtures, like shower, will malfunction. Here are three signs that show you need shower repair:

Shower Repair

Sign no. 1: Continuous DrippingShower Repair

If you experience constant dripping from your showerhead or sink, there’s definitely a problem. There’s a possibility that you have a problem with the water pressure in your pipes or the knob that controls the on/off settings is broken. If left untreated, this can cause damage to the plumbing of your bathroom.

Sign no. 2: Coloured Water

If the water released from the shower is coloured, then that’s not normal at all. It should be clear at all times. If colour is seen in the water coming out of your tap, it’s a clear sign that you need to get that checked.

Sign no. 3: Slow Drainage

It’s usual to experience slow draining, especially in sinks. We’ve come up of ways to solve this problem on our own. But if it occurs over and over, then you might want to consult a professional for that. If this problem is ignored, it may cause bigger damage to your bathroom.

If you don’t see these signs in your bathroom then you have nothing to worry about. But if you have seen encountered these signs then you need to call professionals such as those from Aqua Shield Bathrooms and get a shower repair. It’s better to have it fixed whilst the problem is still manageable rather than dealing with the long-term serious damages it can cause.