3 Trends Wedding Photographers Love to Try

Capturing the special moments of your life is essential. Your big day is no exception. With the aid of professional wedding photographers, you can have a ton of memories to look back on. They can provide you with visual guidance and styling, allowing your natural beauty and emotions to shine.


If you want to hire their services, here are some exciting trends they want you to know about:

  • Unplugged Ceremony

In a day of solemnity, laughter and making new memories, you want nothing more for guests to truly enjoy the occasion. To be in their element, they must be detached with their gadgets, particularly smartphones and tablets. This way, they can celebrate with the couple being wed.

Not to mention, having phones up in the air trying to capture the bride walking down the aisle can be a big distraction. In a digital age, this creates the need to post everything in order to be relevant. But with professional photographers by your side, you and your guests can enjoy the day.

  • Drone Photography

Destination weddings are now becoming a big trend. These beautiful destinations boast of lush landscapes, sprawling greeneries and pristine beaches. With these stunning features, many photographers are inclined to showcase these in their photos. This way, they can highlight the elegant couple standing against a great view.

With the help of a drone, they can effectively capture the attractive features of the land. With this nifty gadget, they can show a bigger view of what’s happening in and around the event. Just be sure to get proper licensing and skilled individuals to operate this device. After all, you don’t want to end up with casualties, right?

  • Dramatic Dancefloors and Eccentric Backdrops

More than ever, couples are becoming creative with what they want to achieve during their wedding day. Ever since Kim Kardashian and Yeezy showcased a huge floral backdrop during their wedding, costing millions, this trend certainly hasn’t died down. Today, many couples want to recreate this dramatic look and add their own spin to it. To complement flowers, many others are going with rustic designs, bohemian chic and geometric patterns.

If you want your day to be captured perfectly, hire professional wedding photographers. With Lee Calleja Thomas, your pictures will turn out more beautiful than you ever imagined.